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Food provides calories - the fuel that keeps your body functining. Your body uses these calories to meet its metabolic needs such as keeping your heart beating and giving you energy to perform activities. When your body uses more calories than you consume, you lose weight. 
Weight Loss Consist of 3 Elements

1.) Consuming fewer calories.
2.) Increasing physical activity to burn more calories.
3.) Consuming adequate protein.

Our program adds a fourth, important component to help improve weight loss results: nutritional supplements that enhance the effects of a traditional weight loss plan.

 Imagine A Healthier You!

With nutritional supplements, the formula for weight management success "adds up" to pounds lost. Easy-to-follow meal plans ensure proper nutrition while maximizing weight loss. Nutritional food supplements, as part of your plan, will:

-Sustain your metabolic rate so you lose weight quicker.

- Promote loss of body fat and preservation of muscle tissue.

- Increase your energy level.

- Reduce your hunger.

-Decrease high-fat, high-calorie food tempations and cravings.

Our adequate protein, reduced calorie, moderate-fat nutrional food supplements help nourish your body to promote healthy weight loss. They do not take the place of your three meals per day. They supplement your meals to assure you are getting adequate protein